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Interactive 3D Body Tool for Medical Students and Professionals

Healthline's legacy Bodymap was a critical free tool for medical students and health professionals. It drew a sizeable chunk of Healthline's visitors. We were tasked with delivering a more detailed Bodymap provided by BioDigital and a better more relevant user experience to this audience. Successful execution would make Healthline's tool the most accurate free tool of its kind on the web.

The Team

One product manager, Grayson Smith, and a user researcher, Me, were tasked to take a deep dive into the issues, usability, and motivations of someone using our Bodymaps. We were to then also evaluate how Biodigital's Bodymap would fare on our site.

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User Research Summary Video
Research Method & Plan
Research Method
  1. Heuristic Research

  2. Build Hypothesis

  3. Interview website users to learn about the hypothesis 

  4. Prototype 

  5. Test with users

  6. Findings and design


Upon heuristically reviewing our existing Bodymaps tool we estimated it to have some pros and cons and areas of improvement along with assumptions. We wanted to learn about them, validate and invalidate them in the real-world setting. 

  1. How is trust established?

  2. Do they want brief context/text-explanation or detailed?

  3. What are critical to the usability of the tool?

  4. How ads affect the perception of the tool?

  5. 2D imaging vs 3D imaging

  6. How do they use/share/talk about what they find?

Research Plan

We recruited our target demography of users by soliciting live visitors to the Healthline's Bodymap site. A reward of $25 for 30 minutes of their time was announced. 15 Interviees were further chosen by having them answer a qualifying questionnaire. 

The task in front of them was to use a competitor's Bodymap built with BioDigital's tool. A detailed plan with a questionnaire was developed to follow during the interview. It was a remote one-on-one video call over Google Hangout.


[A detailed plan is redacted to comply with Healthline's NDA]


Interviews were lead by Grayson. Following are a disclosable few videos      .