Launched as "FreeBee Data." Verizon's Sponsored data service

Mobile Perk lets businesses incentivize their customers with free mobile data. It was an experimental project which later turned into a flagship service and now launched as FreeBee. The user experience and technology are based on Autograph. This service will help businesses drive better engagement with the mobile content on Verizon network.

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Read the 2016 press release of the product

The Challenge

Mobile Perks consumer-facing user experiences were mostly driven on the client’s end. However, at a few places, client’s customers would need to come across authentication screens. The authentication screens needed to be designed by Verizon.

What I Did

Since this was an experimental project, I designed the UI and took care of the visual design delivering a document illustrating the UX flow. I also came up with a new branding to help visualize what the product would look and feel like in the context of the client’s use.

I worked along with Gaurav Gupta and Saumitra Kumar towards building the use-cases and designs depicting a typical user’s journey redeeming incentives.


Some of the tools used in the project

The Design

Mobile Perks user experience changes based on the use-cases. If the user is on Verizon network, their mobile number is automatically identified, removing the need to input any user-id or password. With one tap users can redeem the free mobile data.


For use-cases where the user is not on Verizon network, automatic identification of one’s phone number is not possible. Hence, to authenticate a user one needs to enter their phone number. They'd then receive a one time password (OTP) which would authenticate them and allow them to redeem the mobile data.


Responsive Design

The Mobile Perks design is made responsive so that it would scale into a desktop screen and other possible devices. On a desktop, the Mobile Perks domain is launched in a new captive browser. This is done so as to not blind the user from the overarching context of the client app/website.



For product team to have insight into various use-cases and illustrate the UX flow the design document consists of various use-cases and UX flow. It also helps the engineering team to visualize what to build and what requirements are followed after the other. Below is an illustration of the various pages of the document. Details are redacted due to my non-disclosure agreement with Verizon.

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Mobile Perk was a successful project. After a successful pilot with clients, it was handed over to another team at Verizon to build the infrastructure and develop the product. The product evolved to become FreeBee by Verizon and has been launched in Beta with several clients.