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My Favourite Productivity Tools

Updated: Jun 7

The world of B2C SaaS products is blowing out. It's such a great time to be a consumer, a SaaS productivity tool consumer to be precise.

I wish more people leverage all these tools which help me stay on top of work, side work, design explorations, and everything in between.


Reclaim's wonderful calendar management system allows you to push schedules from multiple calendars into your work calendar. It also allows you to have recurring habits like having lunch or working out, whose time the app can defend against if someone is trying to arrange a meeting over those times. It's free for all of the year 2021 which makes it extremely sweet.


Simply put Krisp acts as a simple virtual noise-cancelling microphone and speaker. It's virtual because it's the software that does the noise cancelling.

Pasta - Clipboard Manager App

I need to go back and access what I copied three times ago and this app lets me do it neatly.


I've always sought a better, faster, and more accessible note-taking app. I've found that on MyMind.com. FYI this is built by the team behind Basecamp and Trello.


Effective leadership means writing sharp. We're always selling something. I feel when I'm writing it's always high-stakes and I do not want to take chances. Needless to mention you learn so much about writing from Grammarly.


I think video calls suck. On Whereby it doesn't. I use it for all personal consultations and chats.

Fellow App

If you're a manager with more than four reportees then staying on top of your 1-1 and meeting notes is such a hassle. This app is godsent. It has templates for different kinds of meetings which you can send to both of you with a click on a button.

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