• Asis Panda

Sketchnotes from #WIADChi2015

Sketchnote for every session at World IA Day 2015 celebration at Chicago.

I was at Chicago celebrating the annual World Information Architecture day. There were a bunch of great people from the design field and some thoroughly kickass sessions. IBM Interactive, the team responsible for the Apple partnership and releasing a host of slick intuitively designed enterprise apps were hosting us in their HQ. Inspired from Cooper Journal’s sketch notes from the IXDA 2015 at San Francisco and armed with the powerful drawing/sketching app Paper and a Pencil I decided to do one sketch note for every session.

Paper App and Pencil device by Fifty Three studios.



Kathi Kaiser from @centralis
Panel discussion on IBM and Design, and how the Apple integration is being worked out.
Amy Schwartz from @IDEO is healthcare issue veteran and dispensed some critical checkpoint issues for every design work.
“She’s a PhD…” but a drop too, was how this started. Choice Architecture is something designers do tacitly, we need to take control.
Panel discussion on How to Architect Happiness
One of the best presentation ever by Russ Unger, so absorbing that I forgot to sketch until the last minute.
David @zetadog from VSA Partners on how they designed IBM’d 404 Error page.

The day came to an end with a very touching presentation by Jason Kunesh, CEO of Public Good Software. I was so absorbed in his presentation that I completely forgot to take notes, I was somewhat willing to do since his points touched my heart. I would like to urge readers to Google Russ Unger and learn more about his startup Public Good Software. He was also the lead UX designer for Obama’s presidential campaign.