• Asis Panda

To Measure or Not To

I have been lusting over this hell-of-a sexy fitness tracker. It's the best that's out there. It also costs a lot, about $1000.

The one I had before was a humble Fitbit 2 HR; been using it for four years now. The one before that a Microsoft Band 2. The one before that a Jawbone, was a lovely gift from my then-girlfriend.

This Fitbit was a no spectacular watch. It counts steps, runs, and heart-rate. However, it has been a good companion. I actually seldom wear it since, the phone just makes more accurate run GPS tracking and the heart rate sensor stopped working! So you can say I haven't used this watch for half a year now.

However, as I aimed higher, trekking to Annapurna Basecamp, now running a 10km, and in the future a full marathon, and Iron-man someday, I found myself craving for information. This desire triggered a search for what gadget to help me get that kind of information which resulted in me discovering the Garmin Fenix watch line.


I introspect a lot. And recently I realised something very interesting. When I first started running and ran the first kilometre, I didn't have a tracking device. Neither did I when I swam the first kilometre! Nor when I cycled a few kilometres. Nor when I trekked to the Annapurna basecamp!

So where is this deep desire coming from? Do I really need digital progress tracking? Is this desire healthy?

Keep It Simple Silly

And soon I came across this video which tipped me into another direction. It reinforced that simplicity is the ultimate tool and also luxury, and a huge status symbol, if that's what I'm really seeking deep-down in a sport-watch. It's a must-watch.

After having watched it I'm clearly tipped to the other side, simplicity. It makes sense.

Simplicity with respect to running or fitness urged me to go inward.

This sense or need to go inward felt more sustainable and natural. I managed my first 10km run with it. I had many ups and downs during the run. As you can see below, kilometre 5 and 6 felt like hell and I was totally entertaining stopping.

Then by looking inward and getting a status check reflected that everything was indeed "nominal" and that it was my mind playing games. The muscles were sore yes, but not as much that I couldn't keep going. And yes, I get the irony of the above images, they are app tracking my run. My argument is not to defend it but the fact that I'm not buying another device to do the same thing. It's my phone. Today, it goes everywhere already!

The goal will always be to be as functional, since I don't really like the word minimal, as Memo.