• Asis Panda

What does a UX Manager do?

A user experience design manager is primarily a manager at heart. Our first goal is ensuring the design team and in turn, individual designers succeed in their assigned work and feel motivated and grow in their personal capabilities. That is similar to any manager of a team. What comes next is processes, design methods, tools, and design-ops. Then comes design leadership if there's room and need.

Here are what I was hired to do and a few things I find myself doing on the job:

  1. Manage a team of designers

  2. Set the designers up for success in their product pods

  3. Set a clear career path for the designers that motivates and excites them in their day-to-day

  4. Set the tone for design interface with product and engineering teams

  5. Set a design process that works smoothly

  6. Set a user research practice and process that works for various product development efforts

  7. DesignOps. From time to time evaluate tools that maximize productivity, collaboration, and visibility. A good example would be moving to Figma during the Covid19 crisis to increase collaboration and visibility.

  8. Envision the future scope of design for our product

  9. Leverage opportunities in design for better marketing our product

For more perspective on the role of a UX manager here's a link to a serious Reddit post with a lot more comments and insights

Illustration credit: Undraw.co