• Asis Panda

Why You (and I) Need Psychotherapy

1. What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is like visiting a doctor for your health, only for your mind. And make no mistakes your mind is all the world to you. It drives you, you make big life-changing decisions with it, all the way to your daily job and chores. Psychotherapy is like trying to apply Dettol to a wound that you probably haven't taken good care of. Sure it might ick when the "Dettol" is applied but soon you'll see how well you begin to see, learn, handle, and just grip the life yourself.

2. How does it work?

But how do you know that you need it right now, or should you take some other route. This is a great video that explains where psychotherapy lies amidst medications, psychiatry, etc. I know, this all sounds so huge to you, but 🤷🏻‍♂️it is the fact of life. First, it is not the bitter medicine you think it is, second, its the necessary tool you need to live a far better more at-ease life.

3. How did it work for me?

This is a video very very close to my experience. Heck! Even the location of the video is the same! This video has the familiar and kind The School of Life tone and is so comforting to watch.

Those were the critical three. For more (hey curious kind 😘), keep on reading and watching.

Self-Esteem and Us

Self-esteem is a fundamental and critical component of our mind and how it works for us. This is my opinion. After therapy one might see changes or bring changes to this. This is where we see the bright change happening, so I thought it'll help to understand what self-esteem is all about and why we often a crooked sense of self.